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Our small regularly changing menu reflects the seasons and incorporates hyper local produce as much as possible. We provide an eclectic and constantly evolving menu which comprises a hot main dish and a selection of complimentary smaller plates



Our home baked granola comes with either greek yoghurt or dairy free coconut yoghurt   


Sourdough toast served with your choice of butter, jams and spreads

H.c. Muffin

Toasted muffin, vegan sausage patty, scrambled tofu and "cheeze"

Freshly Baked Pastries

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everyday you come in you're likely to find a new set of dishes on the menu but here are some examples of what we've previously had in each tasty category

Hot dish of the day

  - mustard glazed celeriac, bubble & squeak, parsley sauce, sweet pickled walnut

  -  jerk tofu, rice and peas, coleslaw

  -  cauliflower shawarma, grilled peppers, herbed couscous, chilli sauce 

Soup of the day  Served with toasted sourdough                

  - chilled watermelon gazpacho, mint and cucumber salsa

  - courgette, mint, preserved lemon

  -  sweets potato, okra, toasted lentil

Frittata and Salad

  - golden beetroot, red onion, hispi, cheddar

  - rainbow chard, baby leeks, goats cheese

  -  olive, tomato, feta 

Light bite

  -  vegan sausage roll, burnt fennel, truffle aioli 

  -  wild garlic and nettle bao bun, sweet vinegar soy dip

  -  creamed corn, white bean chilli, warm cornbread

Veg side 

  -  january kings cabbage, toasted pumpkin seed, sriracha dust

  -  caramelised savoy, wedge romanesco, smoked almonds

  -  garlic braised cucumbers, dried mint, tomato powder


  -  lollo rosso, baby spinach, alfalfa

  -  chicory, little gem, radicchio, chive

  -  baby kale, watercress, pink pickled onion

Pickles plate

  -  korean spiced cabbage and daikon

  -  sauerkraut and pickled carrots

  -  marinated romero peppers, olives and garlic 

Some of the classics never change...

Toasted sandwiches

  -  mozarella, tomato, pesto

  -  ham, cheddar, chutney

  -  masala butter, cream 'cheeze', red onion, chilli peppers  (VEGAN)

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We offer a selection of delicious, homemade cakes and bakes. Have one with a coffee, or by itself as an afternoon treat

There should always be time for cake!

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